How To Identify COVID-19 Symptoms In Children

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India is currently dealing with the second wave of coronavirus. The government of India is taking all the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. The COVID-19 patients are facing different problems. Now, those who have crossed 18 years of age can take their vaccine. Adults and elderly can take vaccine but still the clinical trials are going for the children. According to the reports, children are likely to be affected if the third wave of coronavirus strikes.

The Health Ministry in a tweet said that "majority children with Covid-19 infection may be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic in nature". Asymptomatic means a person has COVID-19, but they will not show any symptoms of the disease and this can last for around 14 days. Asymptomatic person ends up transmitting the virus to many people. Pre-symptomatic people experience cough, fever, or breathing difficulty.

The Health Ministry said that the common symptoms among children might include fever, cough, breathlessness or shortness of breath, fatigue, sore throat, myalgia (muscle pains, aches, pain in ligaments), rhinorrhea (excess drainage, ranging from a clear fluid to thick mucus from the nose), diarrhoea, loss of smell, loss of taste. Meanwhile, few children might also show symptoms of gastrointestinal issues.

The ministry also stated that a new syndrome known as system inflammatory syndrome has also been seen in children, such cases are characterised by unremitting fever.

Children who are asymptomatic can be taken care of at home. They need to be monitored continuously and should check for the symptoms and subsequent treatment. The Health Ministry recommends that such children should be managed at home with home isolation and symptomatic treatment.

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