Jungkook Says Ask Me Anything on Instagram Live

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BTS singer Jungkook replied to one of his haters spectacularly. One of the popular Korean bands, BTS singer Jungkook, is in quarantine presently. He tested positive after reaching Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA for a live concert. After testing positive, the singer went into quarantine. Also, he did an impromptu Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Instagram.

Jungkook is replying to all of his fans' messages and found a hate message. He didn’t even give a chance to the hater and replied to it in a very funny way.

As translated by popular BTS translator Sel (@BTStranslation_) on Twitter, the hater dropped a message to Jungkook suggesting. "Are you bored? Eat dog sh*t," the hater’s message read. Sharing it, Jungkook replied, "Aren’t your words really extreme?" He then broke into a huge fit of laughter and added, "Ah, if you crumble up choco pie (into a ball), the shape looks similar."

His reaction got love from all his fans and haters too. His fans are extremely happy with the way he handles his haters too. And after that, there was another text from one of the BTS fans saying it was Suga who trained him. "Jungkook being Savage, he made sure whoever told that to him eats something similar to dog shit every time they eat choco chip. Yoongi’s training," the tweet read. "Definitely an anti who sent this... But as usual, JK responded in true king behaviour," another fan said. "His laugh tho, he knows they mad and he loves it," a third fan wrote.

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