Pushpa Review, Rating: It's Allu Arjun All The Way!

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Stylish star Allu Arjun's much-awaited film 'Pushpa' released in theatres across the world on Friday. Pushpa is directed by Sukumar and produced by Mythri Movie Makers.

If you are Bunny's fan, you would surely watch the movie anyway. But even if you are not, the hype surrounding the movie must have piqued your curiosity. So, if you are waiting to read the review of the film before watching it, here you go...

Plot: Allu Arjun ( Pushparaj) is a daily wage worker who wants to become a rich person. He displays a lot of attitude in his body language and mannerisms. The film is set in the backdrop of Seshchalam forest. Ajay Ghosh (Konda Reddy) is involved in red sander business. He exports it from Andhra Pradesh to different states. Pushpa Raj gets to know that he can make a lot of money with red sander smuggling. He joins as a worker in the forest. How Pushpa Raj becomed a syndicate leader forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Allu Arjun is the perfect actor ti play Pushpa Raj's character. His brilliance in terms of acting and dialogue delivery comes alive in every scene. His costumes elevates Bunny's character in Pushpa. Allu Arjun has once again proved that he is immensely talented and can pull off any role effortlessly. Bunny's rustic avatar is the highlight of the film. The other actor who steals the limelight is Rashmika , even though her screen time is not much. Fahadh Faasil, Sunil, and Anasuya have done justice to their roles. And of course, how can we end this review without talking about Samantha? Her item song Oo Antava evokes whistles and hoots from the audience and her dance is vere level (to put it in the words of a movie buff).

Plus Points:

Allu Arjun, Rashmika performance

Minus Points:
Lack of a tight screenplay

Analysis: The first half of Pushpa will keep the audience engaged with the story. Each and every frame in the film is a visual treat for the audience. Bunny's signature style 'Thaggedhe Le' or body language in Pushpa stays with the audience long after they leave theatres. The second half of the film is more of action scenes and how Pushpa woos his lady love, Srivallu and how he manages to become the syndicate leader.

The choice of villain is weak because the audience are used to seeing Sunil in comedy roles. To imagine Sunil as a villain for the audience is unimaginable as his body language just doesn't give out those vibes. Sukumar, who enthralled the viewers with songs, dialogues and actions in the movie, has failed to give an interesting climax to the film.

On the editing front, the film could have been crisp. Fahadh Faasil entry's in the last 30 minutes of the film doesn't add any value to the film. Fahadh, however, has delivered an impeccable performance and does complete justice to his character. The scenes between him and Allu Arjun at the end of the story dominates the film.

Verdict: Pushpa is a mass masala entertainer. Allu Arjun fans will surely enjoy the film. Particularly his elevation scenes and transformation from a romantic hero in AVPL to a rural mass hero in Pushpa is a treat to watch. However, Pushpa is surely a one man show.



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