Ante Sundaraniki Review, Rating: Nani, Nazriya Chemistry Makes This Movie A Worthy Watch

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Natural star Nani's much-awaited film—Ante Sundaraniki released in theatres across the world today. The film is directed by Vivek Athreya. Ante Sundaraniki is produced under the banner, Mythri Movie Makers. The film features Malayalam actress Nazriya Nazim as the leading lady in the film. If you are planning to watch the movie this weekend and waiting for Ante Sundaraniki review, here we go:

Plot: Sundar Prasad (Nani) hails from a Brahmin family and he is the only male heir in the orthodox family. Sundar's family have pinned huge hopes on him. Sundar family members blackmail him with blind beliefs and religious sentiments. Sundar dreams of immigrating to America, but his family members don't support him due saying the stars are not in his favour. Sundar falls in love with a Christian girl Leela (Nazriya), a photographer. How do Leela and Sundar convince their families about their love? Will they be able to get married? What are their plans to convince their families? How the families accept their relationship and the drama around it forms the gist of the story.

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Performance: Nani is known to pull off any role easily—be it comedy or action. And with Sundar's character in Ante Sundarinki, he steals the show. He gets into the skin of his character. it's not easy to pull of a Brahmin's role. But Nani does a fantastic job in Sundar's character—in terms of dialogue delivery or comecy scenes. Nazriya kills it in Leela's character, even though it is her debut film in Telugu but she has nailed it. Nazriya has pulled off emotional scenes pretty well. Nazriya gives an unforgettable Leela for the audience with her solid performance. She has dubbed for her role on her own, which also becomes a plus point for the film. Naresh, Rohini and rest of the cast do a decent job in the film.

Plus Points:

Nani, Nazriya performance
Racy Screenplay

Minus Points:

Slow pace in first half
Routine drama

Verdict: Ante Sundarainki is an out and out family entertainer and tailor-made film for Nani fans.


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