777 Charlie Review, Rating: Rakshit Shetty aka Dharma's Tale Will Touch Your Heart

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Sandalwood filmmaker Rakshit Shetty is synonymous with experimentation. He has done several path-breaking movies in the past. His latest film—777 Charlie had raised the expectations ever since the movie was announced. The best part about the movie is that 777 Charlie doesn't belong to any particular genre. Rakshit Shetty's 777 Charlie hit theatres today and here's our review of the movie.

Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) is an orphan and leads a mechanical life with no discipline, whatsoever. The calendar on his wall hasn't changed in 10 years, which is enough to speak volumes about the kind of life he's leading. He is often seen fuming at his neighbours and nicknamed Hitler by the kids around. Enters Charlie (a dog) which changes the course of his life. Charlie breathes life into Dharma's life and gets him out of his mourning period. However, there's a twist in the tale. Why does Dharma travel to Kashmir with Charlie and what happens on their journey forms the crux of the story.

Director Kiranraj has chosen an emotional, but heart-warming subject in his debut venture and passes the test with flying colors. The 777 Charlie director is an animal lover himself and it shows in every frame and shot of the movie. Kudos to the entire cast and crew of 777 Charlie, who have worked to bring out emotions in the dog to suit the storyline. 777 Charlie is a simple story with not much twists or turns. However, the way the script is delivered is commendable. The mind-blowing screenplay, together with Aravind Kashyap's cinematography, Nobin Paul's BGM brings to life this Kiranraj's emotional story in a beautiful way on the big screen which moves the audience to tears. Animal lovers would especially love the dog show scenes and can relate to it. The last few scenes are tear-jerkers. A few scenes are hard hitting and show the reality of life. The first half is a breeze but the second half could have been tightened in terms of screenplay. Yet, the audience would not mind sitting till the end.

Rakshit Shetty shines in this movie. This is a unique role and the actor has tried something novel here. To say his portrayal of a character in two shades is outstanding would be an understatement. In the first half, Rakshit plays a stone-hearted person while in the second half, he gets all emotional about Charlie which will surely win hearts. Sangeetha Sringeri, who plays a brief role of a female lead, does justice to her character. Raj B Shetty, who plays a VET is funny. Baby Sharvari is cute and adorable in the film. HG Somashekar, Bobby Simha, Gopala Krishna Deshpande, Bhargavi  Narayan, Danish Sait have given the required support to the main cast in 777 Charlie.

Talking about Charlie, the dog that played (S)HERO...charlie just excels in her role and makes the audience sit up and take notice There would not a single person in the theatre who would watch the movie without experience a wow moment.

Verdict: Rakshit Shetty's 777 Charlie is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Put it on your must-watch list this weekend.

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