North Korea to Examine Citizens' Handwriting Over Kim Jong Son of a Bi**h Graffiti

North Korea to Examine Citizens' Handwriting Over Kim Jong Son of a Bi**h Graffiti - Sakshi Post

Every day, life in North Korea gets more difficult for its residents. Another difficulty for civilians is that North Korean officials are requesting handwriting samples from thousands of Pyongyang residents after graffiti allegedly calling King Jong Un a "son of a b****" surfaced.

According to a South Korean news outlet that covers the covert activities of its neighbour, the graffiti's message was as follows: "Kim Jong Un, you son of a b****. People are starving to death because of you." On December 22, this message emerged on the walls of an apartment building in Pyongchon.

According to one website, a meeting of the governing Workers' Party of Korea was taking place at the time, and local officials evacuated the area and removed the graffiti from the wall swiftly.

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Officers went door-to-door to adjacent houses and businesses after the event, demanding handwriting samples and questioning residents about their whereabouts on the day the message appeared. They'll also have access to a large amount of CCTV video since Kim has deployed hundreds of cameras across the city since taking power in 2011.

The message has been regarded considerably more seriously recently, according to a report, because it surfaced around the time of the 10th anniversary of former leader Kim Jong-Il's death (17 December) and the birthday of Kim Jong Il's mother, Kim Jong-suk (24 December).

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This defamatory graffiti appears at a time when a severe famine has been exacerbated by recent flooding and the closing of the country's northern border with China due to the COVID outbreak.

Amid severe food shortages, North Korea's leader advised his people that they should expect to consume less food until the country's border with China is reopened in 2025.

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North Korea, unlike other democratic countries, rigorously prohibits all activities that directly attack the country's leader. Authorities have prosecuted offenders for crimes against the state or sedition, incarcerating them in political prison camps or even putting them to death.

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