Hyderabad: GHMC To Hold Pet Awareness Drive On Feb 6

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GHMC Veterinary authorities will be visiting MHJ on Saturday 6th February, to conduct an awareness program for Pet parents on Pets wellbeing. The authorities will also be checking the mandatory GHMC License, NOC certificate from the neighbors and vaccination records. The camp will begin on Feb 6 at 10am.

As per the GHMC rules, any person who wants to have a pet at their home must obtain a license from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Now if the pet parents already got the registration done, all they have to do is submit the GHMC license, NOC (Non-Objection) certificate and anti-rabies vaccination certificates at the ADMIN office before 5th February. If not then, the registration should be done before the same date, i.e. 5th Feb.

For any information, the parents can go through the online GHMC pet registration guidelines. They must also visit the https://tinyurl.com/reoistrationofpets2021 site to register with the association.

Upon registration with the GHMC and ADMIN, all the pet parents will be given n MHJ PET ID tags on the day of the drive (Feb 6). Parents will have to pay Rs.120 for the same. These tags are mandatory for the Pets. It will help in identifying the Pets in case of missing and for future verification of the GHMC Pet licenses, NOC certificate and vaccination records.

The GHMC shared a statement in which they said that, “GHMC license, NOC certificate and Yearly Pet vaccination details should be submitted at Admin office mandatorily. All existing pet parents should adhere to this GHMC and MHJ guidelines of registering their pets and any unregistered pets will be handed over to GHMC.”

With reference to the previous circular dated 29th May 2020 and the Bye Laws- 18.18 on Pets, below are the guidelines to be followed by all Pet parents. 

1. Pets should always be accompanied by the pet parents / their representatives (not kids) of the Pets and shall never be left alone and pets to be on leash in common areas and driveways in MHJ.

2. Pets shall be carried only in Service Lifts. in case service lift is dysfunctional, or blocked by other users like milk vendors, luggage packers and movers , passenger lift number 1 adjacent to service lift only may be used as a strict exception. Service lift usage is to be the first choice.

3. For defecation and urination purpose and any congenial activities like walking/ strolling, pet Parents may need to adhere to train their pets that they don't allow pets to access lawns, jogging track, children play area, central park, swimming pool, sitting areas near blocks, food courts, club house.

4. In case, Pets urinate or defecate, the pet parents concerned are responsible to clean the area.

5. No gatherings/forming groups along with pets at one place, if found, pet parents would be penalized. This also leads to violating the COVID guidelines of maintaining social distancing.

6. People with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should avoid contact with animals, including pets.

7. In case of any inconvenience from pet Parents, the residents need to bring to the notice of the MC than engaging in direct confrontation with pet parents/ their representatives.

8. Please adhere to the timing slots for the pet's movement, timing slots would be 6am-8am and 5pm to 7pm.

9. If any pet lost /died then the pet parent should inform the admin to update the data.

(For any information or queries, the pet parents can contact 040-67369720,240002)

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