What Is Power Room? How Can Bigg Boss Contestants Use It?

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Telugu entertainment channel Star Maa has kick-started another beautiful Season of Bigg Boss. It has become a ritual of sorts for the host of the reality show to take a walk around the house before the contestants enter the house. Even in this season, Nagarjuna introduced the house to the audience and the way he gave the details of the house was simply superb.

King Nagarjuna stressed that this season will be 5 times more fun than the previous seasons aired so far. He also justified his statement while giving a tour of the house. While showing the swimming pool area, Nagarjuna told that the contestants will chill 5 times more than the contestants of previous seasons. While showing the sofa area, he said that the lounge area will witness 5 times more entertainment while the kitchen area will see more drama. Later, he took the audience to the bedroom and said that the season will see some romance happening too. But, yes we didn't miss the two single beds which were locked.

In the end, just before going to the confession room, Nagarjuna opened a new room in the Bigg Boss house—The Power Room. The entrance of this room had a fingerprint scanner which indicates 5 times more security. This power room is basically a part of the game plan created by the Bigg Boss.

As per Nagarjuna, one contestant in the house will be given access to the power room with which he/she will get the power to do whatever they want to. Bigg Boss tells Nagarjuna that ‘More the power, More the responsibilities’ which clearly specifies that the captain will be handed over the access to the power room.

To know which contestant will first get access to the Power Room is to be watched in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. 

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