Watch: Don't Miss BTS Member Suga and PSY’s That That Song!

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BTS member Suga and PSY's That That song is out now. PSY became a big star after the release of Gangnam Style video. He became a meme on the global stage as well. He said that "There were even people who thought my name was ‘Gangnam Style. Some people overseas who would say 'Hi, Gangnam Style.'"

"That that, I like that/That that, I like that baby/It’s like that," the 'Gangnam Style' singer repeats on the chorus.

We all know that BTS members enjoy a huge fan following and Suga is one of the stars who has an incredible fan following. This time, he is winning the hearts of the audiences with his performance along with PSY. Here is the video, just give a look at it.

In the video, dancers elaborate cowboy-themed costumes join Psy and Suga in a faux Wild West town.

“It felt like working with a childhood friend so it made the songwriting process that much more fun. … We became besties in a way,” Suga said.

“Suga wasn’t my junior in the business, but also he truly feels like a friend,” Psy added. “If he thinks of me as a bestie, that’s great for me.”

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