Top Telugu Youtuber and Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant to Enter Nonstop

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT contestants are having fun playing the tickets tpo the finale task. Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 finalists are entering the Bigg Boss Non-Stop glass house, one after another, to conduct the finale tasks. 

In yesterday’s episode Anchor Ravi entered the house and gave tough tasks to the contestants to win an eviction-free pass. Eviction free pass is the most important pass to win and it helps to escape elimination and enter the grand finale round. 

Bigg Boss Non-Stop contestants are giving tough competition to each other by playing their individual game. Right now, there are not much noise in the house, as was the case till date. Of course, the eleventh-week nominations was marred by ugly fights and debates between the contestants. This time for a change, Bindu and Mitraaw had a high-pitched argument over nomination reasons. 

Now, talking about ex-contestants entering the show. If are a fan of Shanmukh Jaswanth, then and waiting to see Shannu’s entry into the Bogg Boss Non-Stop house, then check this out. Shanmukh will not only enter the house, but will also spring a surprise for contestants. 

Shanmukh is trending on all social media platforms since yesterday and everyone says that he is the most honest contestant till date, who did not fake his feelings.

It is evident that the love that Shannu earned from his Bigg Boss stint is still there. Earlier, in the family reunion round, Shanmukh entered the house to support Anchor Shiva. Hotstar might release the promo soon. For more updates follow Sakshi Post.

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