Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Deepthi Sunaina Warns Shannu, Deets inside

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In the 12th week of Bigg Boss Telugu 5, the show makers planned a family round and boosted the contestants' confidence. Still now, Maanas, kajal, Sree Ramachandra, and Siri Hanumanth family members entered the glasshouse.

As per sources, Deepthi Sunaina will enter the house on Saturday. Deepthi warns Shannu indirectly over the relationship with Siri and asks him to focus on his game. Deepthi hinted to Shannu that because of Siri, he is losing his popularity.

Earlier, Siri's mother also warned Siri that she did not like giving hugs to Shannu. If we observe the last seasons, family members share the information that how netizens feel about them, and they also gave some suggestions.

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As the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 season is heading towards the grand finale, after this week's elimination, only the top contestants will remain in the glasshouse. Let's wait and see if Shannu and Siri follow their family members' suggestions and fight for the title.

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