BBT5: Popularity of Most Familiar Contestant Falling

 - Sakshi Post

Shanmukh Jaswanth, a popular Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 contestant, is losing popularity these days. Shannu is well-known outside of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house for his short films and dance. After entering the glasshouse, Shannu tried to maintain the fame, and it happened, but when Shannu started a romance with Siri from there, his popularity started to drop. Till last week, Shannu was atop the nomination list with the highest voting percentage, but now Sunny has overtaken Shannu. Netizens say that the main reason Shannu is losing his game is that he is concentrating more on Siri than on his task. 

Shannu brings his personal bond with Siri into the task and gets into fights for Siri with other contestants. And now on the social media platforms, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 fans are saying that they are annoyed with Shannu and Siri's romance in the glasshouse. In tonight's episode, Siri's mother also mentions that she does not like her hugs and kisses with Shannu. So we can say that Shannu's hard work is going to waste with Siri's hugs and kisses. It may benefit Siri, but it is affecting Shannu. Shannu's fans are hoping that Shannu might realise this after the family meet-up round, as he gets a review from his parents.

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