Bandi Saroj Kumar's Parakramam Movie Teaser

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Bandi Saroj Kumar, who is known for the digital release 'Mangalyam', has directed a new movie titled 'Parakramam' on his banner, BSK Mainstream. The film's awesome teaser was released today. Saroj, who is not only directing the movie but is also its music director, writer and editor, invited Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen, directors Buchi Babu Sana, Gnanasagar Dwarka and producer SKN as the chief guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Bandi Saroj Kumar said, "I entered the industry in 2004 as a junior artist. I gave auditions to many directors. They didn't understand my acting. They found my dialogue delivery too natural. I became a director thinking that I needed a director who knew my acting. I came to know about movie-making when I saw Chiranjeevi on TV as a child. People like Ilaiyaraaja, Sirivennela Sitaramasastry, PC Sreeram, and Srikar Prasad have inspired me. Taking inspiration from all of them, I have been improving my natural talent because I have to be extraordinarily talented to catch the producers. I stayed away from normal life for 20 years. I have done two Tamil films and one Telugu film as a director. All three were disasters. Knowing that I am a failed director, I decided to act myself and did the films 'Nirbhandam', 'Nirbhandam 2' and 'Mangalyam'. I put those movies on YouTube. There was a lot of response from all sections of the audience, who supported me with as much money as they were willing to pay. Movie lovers wanted me to do a mainstream movie for the family audience. I made this film with their support and encouragement. I don't move around much in the industry. Most people don't like me because I am straightforward. The three people I like in the industry are SKN, Buchi Babu and Vishwak Sen. We are happy to have these three guests at our teaser release event today. SKN is a straightforward, talented producer. His taste is evident in his movies. Buchi Babu is a proven director. He is a good-hearted person. When I met him once, he told me he had sent Rs 5,000 for 'Mangalyam'. Vishwak Sen also speaks straightforwardly like me. As an actor, he sees me as myself without comparing me to anyone else. We did a Yajna for the movie 'Parakramam'. Thanks to Vishwak Sen, who supported me at this important juncture. My previous films were limited to certain sections of audience but this movie will be seen by all sections of audience. That's why I named my banner BSK Mainstream."

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