Do Vedas And Scriptures Have Solution To Current Day Problems?

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Swami Mukundananda, an internationally acclaimed teacher, philosopher and authority on Yog, spirituality and mind management shares his precepts for a happy life

With the development of Science and Technology we see a dramatic shift in lifestyle changes and human behavior. Sometimes these changes also bring in adversities into society causing immense stress and tension to many individuals. To face these challenges do we need to have newer innovative solutions or do our Vedas and Scriptures have any solution?

Swami Mukundananda, an international authority on mind management, says that many of the problems that we face arise due to our improper understanding about ourselves and hence solutions to our problems lie within us. "When we are harassed or frustrated, it is natural to hold the circumstances around us responsible for the situation we are in," shared Swami Mukundananda. He also said, “Adversities will continue to come one after the other in life. We must not lose focus of the ultimate goal but must persevere, and only that will bring success and happiness.”

Blending science with Vedic scriptures, and logic with spiritual insight, Swami Mukundananda published several books in the past 3 years, namely, ‘The Science of Mind Management’, ‘7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness, and Fulfilment’, and ‘7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self’. All these books have been ranked #1 on the Nielsen chart when released.

These books had immense impact on many people., 

Surya Prakash a leading Structural Engineer from Hyderabad says. “Having graduated from IIT in 1990, I have been working for more than 18 hours a day and almost travelling for 15 days in a month for professional reasons. However, the lock-down had put everything to halt and I was worried about the jobs and safety of more than 200 Engineers working at our place. The books and videos of Swamiji have immensely helped me to not only to tide over the crisis but helped me to improve our operations to face bigger challenges in future” says Surya Prakash.

Consider the case of Uday Kumar who has a coffee business who got in touch with JKYOG and their online classes during pandemic. He said that “Though I am a religious person, I never had an opportunity to study the scriptures properly. Thanks to Swamiji, I got an opportunity to read Bhagavad Gita and also attend some of his online classes taken by his devotees. These teachings have immensely benefited me, to face day to day challenges in a very effective manner.”

Swami Mukundananda will be in Hyderabad from Dec 13th to Dec 16th to deliver a series of lectures on “Life Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita”. The free lecture series will be held between 6 pm - 8 pm at The Institution of Engineers, Visveswaraya Bhavan located near Khairtabad metro station.

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