Canada YSRCP NRI Members Vow to Make Why Not 175 Slogan a Reality

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Toronto: Throwing its full weight behind the YSRCP, the Telugu diaspora said the Andhra Pradesh state has witnessed remarkable development under the able leadership of its chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and we need to ensure his return to power to continue the  development story in the state. “Once Again Jagan’ slogans rented the air as YSRCP leaders exhorted the attendees to ensure YSRCP’s victory in the 2024 assembly polls. 

The Canada YSRCP unit held a Meet and Greet programme in Mississauga city of Toronto which was attended by hundreds of admirers and supporters of former chief minister Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy and present chief minister and his son YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

YSRCP NRI Meet and Greet Event 

The YSRCP NRI meet and greet programme was successfully conducted with the coordination and sincere efforts of the YSRCP Canada Advisor Dr Girisha Jagan Mohan Reddy, Convenor Venu Chukkalu and YSRCP Global Convenor Venkat S Medapaty. The event saw participation from the USA YSRCP Convenor KV Reddy, NATA President Korsapati Sridhar Reddy, Vasudeva Reddy , Ramesh Reddy and other prominent members. Andhra Pradesh ministers Ambati Rambabu and Roja virtually attended the programme. 

YSRCP Govt is Pro-welfare 

Highlighting the welfare programmes and the social justice initiatives of the YSRCP government, the office bearers of YSRCP overseas unit explained why Andhra Pradesh Needs YS Jagan in the 2024 Assembly elections. 

Joining the Toronto event via Zoom call, Minister of Water Resources Ambati Rambabu said the YS Jagan government not only helped the poor people and small traders whose daily earnings were affected during Covid pandemic, but continued to help them through various welfare programmes. 

“The YSRCP government treats its poll manifesto as a holy scripture. Our government has fulfilled 99 percent of the promises made to the people during the last elections. We also have handed over the house site pattas to 31 lakh beneficiaries,” Ambati Rambabu told the e-gathering. 

While Minister for Tourism, Culture and Youth Advancement Roja said the government has invested Rs 67,000 in 127 heavy industries generating employment opportunities for 85,000 people. Due to the efforts of the government, major software companies like Infosys have started their operations in the state. 

“We also have plans to open new organisations for the Non-resident Telugus while expanding  the existing ones,” Roja said in her address. 

Byreddy Siddharth Reddy, Chairman, Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP), said it’s heartening to hear that the Telugu diaspora has expressed interest in the development of their native place through investments. He also said as party members we need to fight the disinformation regarding the government’s welfare activities being spread by a section of the media which is friendly to the opposition party. 

“Our YSRCP government is making progress in the development of every field and section of the society. We tried our best to bring the party to power in 2019 elections and now we need to explain to the people about the government’s welfare programmes and the social benefits reaching to them and ensure the victory of YSRCP in the forthcoming elections,” YSRCP Global Convenor Venkat S Medapaty said. 

Speaking on the occasion, Kadapa Ratnakar, AP Govt’s Special Representative for North America, explained the government’s efforts for the welfare of the people. He said the YS Jagan government is not sacrificing the development for the people’s welfare or vice versa. He added that Andhra Pradesh is leading the country in the domains of education and medicine. Ratnakar urged the Telugu diaspora to stay alert and not fall for any misinformation directed at the YSRCP government’s welfare and development activities. 

Addressing the gathering,USA YSRCP Convenor KV Reddy said the YS Jagan government has credited Rs 4.69 lakh as financial assistance into the bank accounts of lakhs of eligible beneficiaries. 

The YSRCP government has spent about 2.58 lakhs in the last four and a half years  for the development and welfare of marginalised sections of the society, USA YSRCP Convenor Ramesh Reddy asserted. 

The leaders of the YSRCP overseas units said the 2024 AP Assembly elections are still six months away and we need to work hard for the landslide victory of the party in the state polls. They vowed to make the ‘Why not 175’ slogan of the party a reality in the upcoming elections. 

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