Madanapalle Double Murder: Killers Get Help From Unexpected Quarters

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The Madanapalle double murder case has been taking new turns everyday. It has shocked the nation with several details getting revealed every single day. From superstitious beliefs to suicide pact to intervention of black magic, this case keeps getting twisted.

In a shocking development to the case, it was reported that the students of the couple have now intervened. The parents are lecturers at a college. Valleru Purushottam Naidu, who had a PhD in chemistry, was an associate professor in the government womens' college, whereas wife Padmaja who holds a gold medal in Mathematics was the correspondent of a private educational institution called Master Minds School.  

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Now the students taught by this couple got together in order to rescue their teachers. They hired a top lawyer in the state. The students hired Senior advocate PV Krishnamachari to defend the couple’s case.

An advocate from Krishnamachari’s team went to get details from the couple. Advocate Rajini met Purushottam in jail to know more about the case. She later got special permission to meet wife Padmaja as well.

The advocate said that Purushottam and Padmaja are a highly educated pair. Over the years, they taught many students and shaped their future. A couple that shaped the future and guided hundreds of students, suddenly decided to murder their own daughter. There is something that doesn’t add up here.

Along with the advocate, the police are trying to uncover the truth as well. While trying to rule out possibilities, police decided that money cannot be a motive. The parents earned well and are extremely wealthy. The daughters’ death doesn’t benefit the couple financially.

What Happened

Highly educated parents have allegedly killed their two daughters believing the concept of re-birth. The incident took place at the couple’s house in Madanapalle city of Chittoor district. The accused parents including mother Padmaja and father Purushottam Naidu allegedly sacrificed their two daughters. Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) were the victims.

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