How Virat Kohli's RCB Won IPL 2021

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Things did not go well with the 2021 season of IPL as it had to be postponed due to an increase in the number of cases inside the Bio-Bubble. Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier tested positive, also some of the members from CSK as well. As the cases kept increasing, it was decided by the BCCI, that it will be best to suspend the tournament.

As we all saw that RCB has been playing well, this season. The Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore never won an IPL before. They did manage to reach the finals but haven’t won any yet. Cricket fans believed that RCB’s performance this season was extraordinary and had the tournament continued, they would have won it.

Well, we have good news for all RCB fans as their favourite has won the IPL 2021. This has been made possible by a Reddit user Adish Jain. He couldn’t wait months for the series to resume. So the user decided to do something about it.

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RCB was playing relatively well, this season. They scored 5 wins out of 7 matches played and were running in the top three of the leaderboard. To determine what would have happened if the series continued normally, Adish Jain ran a simulation process.

This process takes into consideration different pitches, matches, ball-by-ball detail, players and their form and the overall team performance. It is a very detailed procedure that takes several factors into account before giving the result.

“I made a Python program to simulate an entire season of the IPL (excluding the playoffs) using past data, predictive analysis, and randomization techniques. I mainly wanted to share this because there are some really interesting scenarios in the scorecards or some epic batting collapses, also I think RCB fans will like this one,” Jain wrote on Reddit.

He further explained that “I extracted each player’s past five years’ data for batsmen and bowlers. What kind of runs a batsman scored – singles, doubles, fours or sixes – what kind of runs the bowlers leaked, against what bowling did a batsman thrive, when they scored their runs – powerplay, middle overs or death – what mode of dismissal bowlers dismissed batsmen the most with and vice-versa how batsmen got out. This includes detailed data such as frequency of wides or no balls or the average catches taken by a player in a game.”

Here is the result of the Python simulation. According to it, RCB and DC went head-to-head in the final game which was won by the former.


Qualifier 1 – DC v RCB (RCB won)

Eliminator – CSK v PBKS (PBKS won)

Qualifier 2 – PBKS v DC (DC won)

Final – DC v RCB (RCB won IPL 2021)

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