ICC Rubbishes India, England, Australia Match-fixing Claims by Al Jazeera Documentary

 - Sakshi Post

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday denied the claims made by news channel Al Jazeera and confirmed that India’s Test matches against England and Australia were not fixed. 

The documentary, Cricket's Match Fixers released in 2018 had claimed that India's game against England in Chennai in 2016 and the one against Australia in 2017 in Ranchi were fixed.

All five participants of the documentary programme were interviewed by the ICC and it concluded that there was no credible evidence available to charge them even as they behaved in a questionable manner. 

In the case of the claims aired in the programme, an alleged player Aneem Munnawar was seen making claims about his connections and history of fixing matches involving Virat Kohli’s Indian team. Based on this, the ICC integrity unit member said that they had launched an investigation into the claims.

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