Here's Why Taapsee Pannu Chose to Maintain Secrecy Around Her Wedding

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Bollywood actress Tapsee Pannu recently surprised her fans by tying the knot with her long-term partner, Mathias Boe, a Danish badminton player. The wedding was a private affair, attended only by the couple's closest friends and family members, with no media or public announcement made before the event.

In a candid interview, Taapsee revealed the reasons behind her decision to keep the wedding a secret. "It was I who signed up for this, not my partner or anyone else connected to the wedding," she explained."I'm not sure how I feel about being out there, so I've kept it to myself"

The "Dunki" actress further elaborated that she never intended to keep the wedding a secret. Instead, she was concerned about the attention that a public figure's marriage often receives.

"I wasn't sure if I could handle the intense scrutiny that comes with being a public figure getting married, especially when it involves my personal life and those close to me," she added.

Taapsee further emphasized that she wanted to enjoy the momentous occasion in her life without being preoccupied with how it would be perceived from the outside.

"I prefer to savour the special moment in my life rather than worrying about how it appears to others," she concluded. The news of Taapsee's marriage surfaced online a week after the event, and the videos went viral, much to the delight of her fans. However, the actress remains firm in her decision to keep her personal life private. She aims to prioritize the sanctity of her relationship and the privacy of her loved ones.

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