Bengaluru hospital successfully performs rare heart re-transplant

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Bengaluru, June 20 (IANS) Doctors at a city hospital here on Wednesday said they have successfully performed a rare heart re-transplant procedure in the country.

The 32-year-old engineer, who had first heart transplant in 2016, went through recurrent heart failure and frequent hospitalisations in the next seven years and finally underwent a complex re-transplant in December last year.

While initial complications arose due to bleeding and rejection episodes, meticulous management with regular biopsies and close monitoring has ensured a successful recovery, said the cardiologists' team led by Dr. Nagamalesh U.M. from Aster Hospitals.

"The patient's post-transplant course included significant bleeding events due to the second surgery and the ongoing requirement for blood thinners and rejections. However, through meticulous monitoring and regular endo-myocardial biopsies, these challenges were effectively managed,” said Dr. Nagamalesh, Director-Heart Failure, Transplant and MCS Programme, Aster Hospitals.

The patient has completed six months of the second heart transplant with no further complications.

For the patient, the past few years have been a "medical rollercoaster".

"Finding out that I needed a second transplant was a setback, however the exceptional team of surgeons extended their support throughout my treatment journey. I am immensely grateful," said the patient.

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