YSRCP MP Mithun Reddy Introduces Private Member Bill on AP Special Status

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YSRCP MP Mithun Reddy will introduce a private member bill to provide special status for Andhra Pradesh in Lok Sabha on Friday.

Meanwhile, MP Krishna Devarayulu will introduce a private member bill on promotion and development of Chilli crop. 

Another MP Pocha Brahmananda Reddy will introduce a private member bill on compensation to Farmers for losses due to natural calamities.

What is a Private Member’s Bill and how is it different from government Bills?

A member of parliament (MP) who is not a minister is a private member. The Bills introduced by private members are referred to as Private Member’s Bills. The Bills introduced by ministers are called government Bills. The government bills have the backing of the government and reflect its legislative agenda. Whether the Private Bill has to be admitted or not is decided by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha or Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha.

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