YSRCP Born to Serve the Poor, Says CM YS Jagan

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Macherla (Palnadu Dist): Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that YSRCP is the natural ally of people, unlike TDP which has ganged up with foster son and friendly media to cheat the people with false election promises.

Addressing a huge public meeting here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister mocked the mini election manifesto of TDP and Jana Sena and said that people are not ready to believe the 11- point false election promises of Naidu and his foster son. 

Who would believe Naidu who had cheated self groups of women and farmers with false promises of loan waiver, who had created the illusion of Amaravati while neglecting decentralisation, who helped his son and grandson pursue education in corporate schools while opposing English medium schools and who opposed allotment of house sites to the poor citing demographic imbalance, he questioned.

Government has so far spent Rs. 2,40,000 crore and Rs. 1,70,000 crore through DBT and non-DBT schemes respectively implementing 99.95 per cent of its election promises besides creating 2.7 lakh government jobs during the last 53 months.

Government has been striving hard for the social, political, economic and educational empowerment of SC, ST, BC and minorities, he said, adding that the welfare schemes and people’s confidence in the Government are his courage.

“Despite Covid-19 pandemic and heavy borrowings thrust on us by the TDP rule, we never stopped implementing welfare programmes and development works. That was our commitment,” and this is the right time for people to compare present and previous rules.

Naidu always boasts of his 14 years experience as Chief Minister but his political history has been confined to backstabbing, telling lies and cheating people with false promises, he said. 

“Naidu failed to grant revenue division to his own constituency Kuppam and even provide drinking water to it during the TDP rule.  How can anyone expect good things from such a person who didn’t implement even a single welfare scheme?” he questioned.

While we have changed the landscape of rural economy and village administration with village and ward sectarians, revolutionised the Medical and Health sector with new medical colleges, village clinics, family doctors and Jagananna Aarogya Suraksha, strengthened educational institutions and hospitals with Nadu-Nedu and digitalization and handholding the farmers with the unique RBKs, Naidu only talks of the vision 2047 while neglecting the present, he said. 

Naidu never thought of decentralisation and doing justice to the three regions of the State.

“Naidu is not humanistic and has no empathy towards the problems of the people. While I depend on you and God, Chandrababu relies on the band of robbers and foster son to share the spoils and pursue the policy of plunder, stash and devour. If you believe that you have benefitted from the Government, bring victory to the YSRCP in the next elections,” he told the people and asked them to reject the TDP-Jana Sena alliance.

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