How is Pawan Roaming in Chartered Flights If He Has No Money: Perni Nani

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Krishna district : Former YSRCP minister Perni Nani on Saturday launched a scathing attack against the Jana Sena Party (JSP) president Pawan Kalyan for unnecessarily targeting the developmental works being carried out by the state government while turning a blind eye to the crores of money spent by his TDP ally leader and former chief minister Andhra Pradesh on camp offices and residences during his government. 

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Perni Nani made light of financial aid distributed by Pawan Kalyan among the affected fishermen of Vizag fishing harbour inferno. The Jana Sena leader distributed Rs 50,000 each to affected fishermen on Friday. 

Perni Nani said the money spent by Pawan Kalyan as compensation to the fishermen is far less than his travel expenses. He questioned the claims of TDP election partner not having enough money and yet travelling in chartered flights. The YSRCP leader also contested the claims of Jana Sena leader that the current government is not doing enough for the fishermen and said it is during the YS Jagan’s government 10 fishing harbours were added in the state. 

Chief minister YS Jagan disbursed Rs 7.11 crore among the fishermen even before Pawan Kalyan landed in Vizag, the former minister said while adding that the latter is trying to take political mileage by distributing a mere Rs 50,000 to each fisherman. Perni Nani wondered if the Jana Sena leader’s visit to Visakhapatnam was obstructed by some vested interests as he claimed then how did he enter and exit the city? 

Perni Nani dared Jana Sena leader to question Naidu about the developmental works for the fishermen community. He also said the former chief minister Naidu spent crores of rupees refurbishing two blocks (South H and L block) in Andhra Pradesh Secretariat. He said the TDP leader also spent huge money from the state exchequer on the guest house on the banks of river Krishna gifted by Lingamaneni Ramesh as part of the quid pro quo deals in the capital Amaravati project. 

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