Hardcore TDP Supporter Takes U-Turn, Becomes Harsh Critic

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Vijayawada: Once an ardent TDP supporter, Jada Sravan Kumar has now turned against the party and criticising its leadership. He blamed the Chandrababu Naidu-led TDP government for the problems of Amaravati farmers. The rebel TDP leader said the poor farmers had given their land to the state government under the land pooling scheme to build a new capital state for Andhra Pradesh but the Naidu government had deceived the peasants. 

Under the land pooling scheme (LPS) launched in December 2014, the TDP government had acquired over 33,000 acres of land in 29 villages from 28,000 farmers with the promise to build a capital city. Sravan said the TDP regime did not build the capital city but destroyed the lives of poor farmers. 

Launching a scatching attack at the opposition party, Sravan said the TDP leaders have no shame in engaging in political prostitution. He claimed that the TDP leaders are in politics only for the money and they lack values and ethics required to run a political party. 

He also targeted the party’s national general secretary Nara Lokesh and called him a political prostitute. He questioned the TDP leadership after Undavalli Sridevi was seen on the TDP platform. Dalit MLA Sridevi was suspended from the ruling YSRCP after she was found cross-voting in the Legislative Council elections from MLA quota and helped the TDP win of the seven Council seats. 

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