Chandrababu Must Apologise: Jogi Ramesh

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MLA Jogi Ramesh slammed TDP leader Ayanna Patrudu for his derogatory remarks. He was speaking at a media conference on Saturday. He said that he was attacked by TDP leaders when he went to stage a protest against the unsavoury comments made by Patrudu.
He said that Chandrababu had sent goons to bully him and questioned the need to attack him when the protest was peaceful. 
He also alleged that it was Chandrababu who instigated Ayanna Patrudu to make such statements. 
Stating that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's governance is marked by welfare schemes, Jogi Ramesh said that the TDP was unable to digest the young leader's political success. He also stated that Ayanna Patrudu's remarks against the CM and women were objectionable. Jogi Ramesh demanded that Chandrababu should tender his apologies.

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