Chandrababu gets high BP for the one question I've asked him: CM Jagan

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CM Jagan unveils all-round attack against opposition at Memantha Siddham public meeting in Bheemavaram, West Godavari

Chandrababu never used the power given by the people for good, so he does politics with deception, lies, conspiracies, and alliances: CM Jagan

"Did Chandrababu bring Microsoft or host the Olympics in the state as he promised in 2014?, asks CM Jagan

To change the lives of the poor and reinstate the volunteer system, vote for YSRCP: CM Jagan

Bhimavaram, West Godavari: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has asked the people whether they were ready to receive the welfare schemes in the state for the next five years and stop the evil (from coming to power) during the public meeting in Bhimavaram as part of his Memantha Siddham Yatra on Tuesday.
“The election is between the poor assisted by your Chief Minister, and the frauds associated with Chandrababu Naidu. He (Chandrababu Naidu) even gets high BP (Blood Pressure) when talking about me and wants something bad to happen to me since he didn’t like questions about his achievements or schemes implemented during his rule,” said Chief Minister Jagan. 

“I don't remember any of the good things he did, but do you know what comes to mind when you mention his name…backstabbing, cheating, lies and conspiracies,” the Chief Minister said.

Coming down heavily on JSP Chief Pawan Kalyan, the Chief Minister asked, “You (Pawan Kalyan) make a sacred promise before marriage, but just like changing cars every few years, you leave your wife for a new one. Now, you are abandoning constituencies.” 

“If you (Pawan Kalyan) do it once, it is a mistake, but it is a habit if you do it again and again. What will happen to women's lives if people take Pawan Kalyan as inspiration and change their wives once every four years,” the Chief Minister added. 

“Chandrababu never used the power given by the people for good, so he has to do politics with deception, lies, conspiracies, and alliances. Meanwhile, I have implemented welfare measures for all communities. But, vernacular media with vested interests, BJP, TDP, Congress are attacking against me,” said Chief Minister Jagan. 

“Further, the opposition is prepared with their arrows, but who are they aimed at? Are they aimed at Jagan, or the welfare measures implemented toward the poor by the YSRCP government,” said CM Jagan.

Chief Minister Jagan also highlighted the welfare measures implemented by YSRCP like RBKs, village clinics, school education revolution, and pensions for the elderly. “Our government has deposited more than Rs 2 lakh crores directly into the accounts of women beneficiaries,” the Chief Minister added.  

“Are you all ready to face this battle? I am not alone since my army is in every house to support the YSRCP government. But few media are showing the biggest bogus report of Chandrababu Naidu. He said that he would create a hi-tech city in every district, new ports, new medical colleges, develop the state on par with Singapore but nothing materialized,” said Chief Minister Jagan. 

“Few media claimed that Chandrababu Naidu is an experienced leader and only if he comes to power there will be development. Let’s look at his promises like the hyperloop, a bullet train, bringing Microsoft to the state, hosting the Olympics, and so on.  All of this is self-dabba – self boasts about himself. Did he even fulfill one promise?” asked Chief Minister Jagan.    

“Did he improve the government schools and hospitals? Remember the fraudulent promises of Chandrababu in 2014 along with his alliance partners BJP and JSP where he assured farm loan waiver, saving societies loan waiver, Rs 25,000 deposit as soon a girl child born in the family, jobs, unemployment benefit which were not fulfilled. But, again the trio (TDP-JSP-BJP) is coming together with promises in the name of super six and super seven,” said the Chief Minister.

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