Ambati Rambabu Pens Counter Letter Against Naidu’s Claims

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Amaravati: In response to the open letter by the TDP national president Chandrababu Naidu from jail, YSRCP minister Ambati Rambabu on Sunday penned another open letter giving a point-by-point response to him. In the letter Naidu expressed confidence that the courts would exonerate him in the corruption cases registered against him. 

Seeking public sympathy, the jailed opposition leader Naidu said he is not in Rajamahendravaram central prison but in people’s hearts. Ambati Rambabu responded to Naidu’s letter and raised a few points on issues discussed in his letter. 

Addressed to Naidu: 

“I hoped that you would tell some truth after spending 45 days in jail, but you disappointed us with the contents of your open letter. I am not going into the details of the 17(A) protocol (of the Prisoner’s Act) questioning the dispatch of an inmate’s letter. Since the TDP has written this letter on your behalf, I am writing an open letter to you and expect valid responses to the questions raised therein.

1. In the beginning of the letter, you’ve mentioned that you were not in jail. If that’s the case, then you should stop fighting the legal battles and withdraw all quash and bail petitions. 

2. Since you say you live in the hearts of the people, let the people know any four schemes that come to mind when your name is mentioned. 

3. You said that people are your strength. Please tell us who are those people who are standing by you. Please consider SC, ST, BC, Minority and other weaker sections as people. None of them have forgotten how you betrayed them. 

4. You mentioned that you’ve worked for the welfare and development of only Telugu people during your over four-decade old political career. What do you mean by Telugu people? Those wearing black shirts protested inside Hyderabad metro? The relatives who are settled in the US and UK after getting a share in your loot of public funds? Media friends who covered up your backstabbing of NTR? Your aides in BJP or in Congress? Or some pro-TDP Leftist leaders. Please elaborate who they are. 

5. You have written that certain forces have confined you within the four walls of prison and distanced you from people with the fear of losing power. The Income Tax department served a show cause notice to you. The Directorate of Enforcement arrested four people in a skill scam case and you were behind it. The court remanded you into custody and you’re lodged in jail. The Supreme Court and state High Court have endorsed the proceedings against you. Why do you still say someone has distanced you from the people? Despite your wrongdoings, you managed to escape from getting caught for 45 years, so you cannot afford to take high moral ground now. 

6. You’ve also noted that no power on earth can distance you from people and the walls of prison cannot shatter your confidence. If you have so much confidence, courage and you believe in yourself then please share the details of your income and assets in the public domain. Do you have the guts to face the CBI investigation without seeking a stay on my petition in the court?

7. Why are you getting irritated when some person demands a CBI probe into the skill scam case? You’ve termed your arrest an instance of “regime revenge”. If that’s what you believe, then why do you fear a CBI probe from the Central government in the case? If you do not have a clear answer, it means you’re only trying to hoodwink the people with your open letter. 

8. You’ve also asserted that since you’re lodged in Rajamahendravaram jail, you cannot release the full-scale TDP manifesto. Why do you think releasing a party manifesto matters to the public now as you have failed to keep the 650 poll promises made to them during 2014 Assembly elections. 

9. You, your own son, your foster son do not stay in Andhra Pradesh. You all visit the state as guests and consider it as a weekend resort.

10. You’ve also written that your wife Bhuvaneswari, the daughter of late NT Rama Rao, never came into the public eye. Why are you asking her to go to the people when she took your side when you backstab NTR to grab power. Now, she gives a slogan that truth should prevail. If she believes in what she says then she should tell the truth to the public that her husband (Naidu) was the one who betrayed her father (NTR). 

11. You claim that people are your strength. I doubt that you’re inspired by chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s speeches lately. Forget it, he is not seeking alliances. The chief minister has a reason when he says ‘people are his strength’ because he ensured that development reaches every house in the state. The YSRCP government credited 2.38 lakh crore in the bank accounts of beneficiaries through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) schemes. Out of the 31 lakh house site pattas, the government is constructing 22 lakh housing units for the poor people. Don’t copy his dialogue when you’ve nothing to back the claim. 

12. Lastly, if the evil forces win, it will not stay for too long. However, if virtue loses the battle, it will be momentarily, because eventually righteousness will prevail. Did you unleash evil in the state?

Your evil team has grown old, however, has no guts to speak the truth even in their twilight years. Hoping to receive a similar letter from you. 


Ambati Rambabu 
Minister for Water Resources, Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP MLA

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