Nara Lokesh Cheap Tricks in Padayatra Continues

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TDP Leader Nara Lokesh is continuing his Padayatra in Andhra Pradesh. On Monday, Nara Lokesh started his padayatra from Annavaram village to Danamaiahgaripalle. 

Nara Lokesh is seen talking to vegetable vendors, two women with yellow kanduva draped on their shoulders, carrying one or two veggies in hand caught the attention of onlookers. 

One woman hails from Tamil Nadu as as she is carrying a bag bearing the name of her state. She is seen walking alongside Nara Lokesh. 
Rumors are doing the rounds that Nara Lokesh reportedly bought some artists from Tamil Nadu to showoff during padayatra. 

Several memes are now being made on Nara Lokesh on social media for his cheap stunts during his padayatra.

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