Gorilla is better looking than Modi, says this politico

Gorilla is better looking than Modi, says this politico - Sakshi Post

Count on Tamil Nadu politicians for the raucous, ranchy and below-the-belt attacks on rivals. Firm believers in the stoop to conquer politics, they are notorious for their vile and vulgar comments. Sample this and you will know why Tamil Nadu politics have hit the rock bottom.

You see Narendra Modi climbing on the stairs to the air plane. He looks like a gorilla climbing the tree. – This is EVKS Elangovan, Tamil Nadu Pradesh Congress Committee chief.

In a recent sarcasm and innuendo-laced speech, Elangovan, the grandson of Dravidian patriarch EV Ramaswamy Naicker said: “People liked Nehru because he was handsome. Indira Gandhi was a brave woman. Rajiv Gandhi was handsome too and had a bewitching smile. But if people who look like gorillas start doing what these great people did, will India tolerate.

A remorseless Elangovan justified his remarks at a presser later. He said: “Why compare Modi to Gorilla. Gorilla is better looking and more handsome.”


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