Buzz: This Contestant Will Re-Enter Bigg Boss 2 Telugu House

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Looks like Nani's Telugu Bigg Boss 2 might get boring for audiences in the coming days. Tejaswi was one of the contestants who used to entertain the show with regular fights with other contestants. On Sunday, she got eliminated from the show and the Star Maa management are looking out for wild card entry members.

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Two outsiders of the show like Pradeep and Manchu Lakshmi have been to the show to promote the film. Anchor Pradeep also put in an appearance as a guest to the show.

The star MAA management has decided to give another chance to other contestants who got evicted from the house such as Nutan Naidu, Sanjana, Anchor Shymala and Tejaswi. Guess what? Nani has given a chance to the audiences to make the choice. In other words, the viewers will decide who they want to see in Bigg Boss 2 for upcoming episodes. Nutan Naidu it is widely believed, might make the cut as entry contestant to the show.

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Nutan Naidu has urged audiences on social media platforms to vote for him. "As I took the exit in the second week, I did not have the chance to entertain everyone. Given a second chance, I would be ready to entertain every one of you and give my best in the house. People's votes can change the fate of anyone and can result in creating a new history. I would oblige the decision of the people. I kindly hope that people vote for me and give me one more chance to entertain them." said Nuthan Naidu.

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