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KOLKOTA: After scoring a win over Bangladesh in Indore, the Indian team led by Virat Kohli are gearing up to play the historic day/night Test match to be held at Eden Gardens in Kolkata on November 22nd.

Day-night Test Match

So we know that the Day-night Test is all about playing the game in one part of the day and the other proceedings will be played under lights spread over night. Unlike the traditional start time of 9.30 AM for Test matches in India, play will start at 1 PM.

Pink Balls instead of Red

However, the new interesting feature is that pink balls will be used in place of red balls for better visibility under lights.

Some interesting facts about the ‘Pink Ball’ Cricket

8 of the 12 Test-playing nations have played with the pink ball earlier.

India is the only major Test-playing nation to have not played a day-night Test while Bangladesh, too, will also be making their debut with the pink ball.

The SG manufacturing plant in Meerut is all set to deliver the pink balls to the BCCI for the first day-night test match. The company has already given 120 pink balls for the practice sessions

What are the differences between a red and pink ball?

The biggest difference in the red and pink ball is that the red ball is stitched with a white thread while the pink ball is stitched with a black thread.

The red ball is used in games that end before sunset, while pink ball cricket will start in the afternoon with half of the game being played after the dew sets in. The linen in the seam absorbs the due and allows for a better grip.

Cherry colour Wax is used on the red ball allowing the ball to swing, and gives the red ball its colour.

A PU based coat (ball polish is nitrocellulose based) is used on the pink ball, which prevents abrasions on the ball, and helps maintain its colour till 40 overs.

The seam of the pink ball is an equal mix of synthetic and linen, while the seam on the red ball is entirely synthetic.

The pink ball will assist the spinners as well. If you notice the Kookaburra ( Red) ball, which is stitched by a machine, it doesn’t help spinners much after 40-45 overs.

As per the cricket laws stated by the Marylebone Cricket Club, any international and first-class ball – red, pink or even white – has to weigh between 156 and 162 grams. So in terms of weight they are the same.

The leather used is the same. The only big difference is that we use lacquer on pink balls so that they don’t lose their colour, while using wax on the red ones.

Bowlers have a 10-15% bigger advantage with the pink ball than they have with any other.

What Virat Kohli has to say about the Pink Ball

As a matter of fact Kohli is happy that India is first playing a Day/Night Test at home. "This one we have been talking about for a while," he said. "Look, the thing was to experience a 'Pink Ball Test' in our own conditions as to how the ball behaves. Will there be (more) sideways (lateral) movement? Then eventually going on and playing an important Test series anywhere in the world," the Indian captain said.

But there would certainly be some challenges which include the most commonly discussed dew factor and also the visibility during the twilight hours. "One big factor is the dew in the late last session most probably. We will have to play as it comes and manages it in the best way possible. That is one difference with a D/N Test in India compared to any other country. Apart from that, I don't feel any major difference," Kohli said on the eve of the pink-ball Test.

"The decision making has to very precise. Even with catching gets very quickly. The extra edge it travels faster. It's going to be a challenge that should excite everyone. We are excited for the new challenge." A more compact technique would be necessary to negotiate the pink ball compared to facing the red ball.

"If you have not played with the pink ball it's going to be challenging throughout the game. Solid technique and more compact game required compared to the red ball. And it makes it even more difficult with not having a great visibility or able to pick that colour." (with Inputs from the Scroll & Agencies)

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