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Amaravati:CPM Chief Secretary Sitaram Yechury launched a scathing attack on Telugu Desam Chief N Chandrababu Naidu over his stand on the Special Category Status(SCS) to Andhra Pradesh. It was Chandrababu, who felicitated Venkaiah and Arun Jaitley. YSR Congress Party drove the movement for SCS to AP, he said in a special interview given to Sakshi.

Talking about the alliance with Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, he said that we never found anything against him and he was rooting for the same alternative we were bringing in. Later, we adjusted seats to contest with him. Sitaram Yechury pointed out that media is well knowledgable about the mal-administration in Andhra Pradesh and the party cadre can brief more about it.

The Centre claims agriculture is in the Central list and amends it. State governments made changes to agriculture claiming it is under the state list. This should be resolved, Yechury said. He added that AP is one among the states, which have reduced the power of the law. We want Union government law to prevail over the state law and a law should be enacted if needed, for which initiative will be taken by CPM, he said.

Moves and alliances after elections:

Observers comment that CPM party is in alliance with different parties in various states, but this has been happening since the past 35 years. As of now, different parties have their stronghold in different states. These parties have sway in that particular state, so the alliances are not forged before elections because they are all regional parties. In this case, YSRCP and TDP can influence only voters in Telugu states, according to Yechury. This is true of all the regional parties. That is why all the seat adjustments take place at the state level and this makes announcing a Prime Minister candidate impossible, before elections.

In 1977, the Janata Party formed the government after winning against Indira Gandhi. Deve Gowda, Vajpayee and Congress formed their respective governments in 1996 and 1998 and 2004 after elections. This is going to repeat, whenever democracy is in trouble, he said. In 1996 United Front was established. In 2004, UPA was supported by CPM from the outside. At the state level, it is different when compared with the Centre. In one instance, CPM was contesting against Congress in Kerala and at the national level, Congress was supported externally to form UPA.

Agenda in these elections:

Firstly, the BJP government should be dethroned if not then RSS will increase its sway, which can harm the constitution, Yechury stated. Secondly, improving the living standards of the people, national integrity and increasing the foothold of communists was important. Thirdly, establishing a secular government after the elections, was high on the CPM's priority, he said.

I became a secretary, when the party was going downhill

I took the responsiblity of the party, when the party was in bad shape, said Yechury. The number in parliament came down from 44 to 9, the number of Left front came down from 61 to 10. Till then the party was in power in three states and when I took over it was in power in one state. I took charge in the trough, now I have to make sure we reach the crest.

YSRCP led the fight for Special Category Status

We never forged an alliance with NTR and Chiranjeevi, but now things are changing. There are only two parties TDP and YSRCP. CPM is supporting Delhi JNTU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar if he contests from Begusarai in Bihar. If RJD and Congress object it then we thought of fielding him from other constituency. In all likelihood, he might contest from Begusarai.

Vote for Change:

Telugu states have the power to choose, who should form a government at the centre. Time has come for the voters to play a key role. In 2004, UPA formed a government at the centre because in AP they secured 37 seats. In UPA-2 as well in 2009 AP gave 34 seats.

It would have been difficult for Congress if they could not secure that many seats. This places a special responsibility on Telugu voters. Yechury urged the people to vote bearing in mind that they have to vote for change if they seek an alternative government at the centre.

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