Lockdown 4.0 Disappoints Haleem Lovers In The City

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HYDERABAD: The one dish that meat-lovers look forward to every year is 'Haleem' which is prepared and served in the holy month of Ramzan. There are around 6,000 haleem makers in the city and they have decided not to prepare it to cooperate with the government in the battle against COVID-19.

By this time, every year in Hyderabad, hundreds of people wait in a queue to get the taste of Haleem. But this year, COVID-19 has killed the festive Ramadan spirit and there is a palpable sense of gloom. The lockdown, to contain the spread of coronavirus has ensured that there will be no gatherings anywhere and no Ramzan celebrations.

Mohammed Abdul Majeed, owner of Pista House and president of the Hyderabad Haleem Makers Association had announced that “We, all 6,000 commercial haleem makers in and around Hyderabad had to take this decision of deciding not to sell haleem this year in a bid to cooperate with government guidelines to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing is impossible to achieve during Ramzan and we just cannot take the risk, with so many people involved.”

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