Uranium Mining Fears Return To Haunt Nallamala Forest

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AMRABAD: The controversial Uranium mining issue has returned to haunt the Nallamala forest stretch following fresh suspicions of possible renewed activity in this regard. After a three-month-long struggle last year, the Telangana government passed a resolution in the state Assembly cancelling permissions for the surveying of areas for Uranium mining in this forest area.

But the local people have started raising concerns again about a possible attempt to renew the activity leading to Uranium mining. Their suspicions are based on activities being taken up by the state forest department allegedly laying roads and drilling borewells in the area. Against this backdrop, a field visit by Forest Department Field Director AK Sinha and District Forest Officer Joji, to inspect the forest area and the road-laying works there, became controversial after leaders of the anti-Uranium mining JAC and local people obstructed them at Elkapalli near Amrabad.

Preceding the officials’ visit, one of the JAC leaders, Nasaraiah, was taken into preventive custody by the police, leading to some tension locally. However, with the local people unrelenting in their stand, insisting that any move to discreetly allow Uranium mining in the region will not be tolerated, a police team descended on the scene and tried to persuade them. The local people appealed to the forest officials and the police not to destroy the natural resources and deface the forest by taking up the Uranium mining.

After waiting for a few hours, the top forest department officials had to end their visit abruptly and leave the place. However, the officials remaining tightlipped on their demand only added to the suspicions in the minds of the people who fresh attempts would be made for Uranium mining. Meanwhile, the issue received a further twist after the police slapped cases against 15 persons including Nasaraiah for obstructing the forest officials from discharging their duties.

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