4 Girls Missing From Orphanage Traced To Relatives Home

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Hyderabad: The police on Monday traced and rescued four minor girls aged between 12 and 15. These girls had gone missing from an orphanage at Kismatpura in Rajendranagar.

The girls had jumped across the compound wall to visit their relatives' houses, the police said. on June 8, sometime during noon, four girls aging 12 , two 13-year-olds, and a 15-year-oldhad escaped by jumping across the compound wall of Cherish, Nurturing Underprivileged Lives, NGO, without informing anyone concerned. Sathyavathi, the warden, had immediately informed the cops of the girls going missing, and a case was registered.

The inspector of Rajendranagar G Suresh assured the warden that a team was formed to trace the missing girls. Through traces gotten off the feed of the city's CCTV cameras, they found out that the girls had reached Shamshabad in a bus and then took a train from there to Jadcherla and the other took off to Kondangal. This is where their relatives live and where they were traced to as well.

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