People ready to teach CBN a lesson: YS Jagan

People ready to teach CBN a lesson: YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

Reiterating that TDP Government has lost credibility as various sections of the society feel that they are cheated with Chandrababu Naidu going back on his election promises, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the ruling party will bite dust, like in Delhi, if elections are held immediately.

“Farmers, women, students and other sections are bearing the brunt of Chandrababu Naidu’s breach of trust as not a single promise was fulfilled and farmers are driven to hardships and are forced to take loans from private money lenders who charge exorbitant rates of interest,” he said while addressing a public meeting here on Thursday.

Even women groups are is disarray as their savings are being adjusted towards the loan amount and are declared as defaulters. The farmers and women have believed what Chandrababu Naidu has said during the electioneering and did not repay the loans as they blindly trusted him.
After coming to power he did not honour any of the promises and they became defaulters. No fresh loans are coming while the farmers are going to private money lenders and falling into debt trap,” he said.
The Banks have set apart Rs 57,000 crores to disburse as loans for the kharif and rabi season this year but could only lend Rs 18,000 crores and for the difference, farmers have approached the moneylenders. The same is the case with DWACRA women groups.
During electioneering, full waiver of agriculture and DWACRA loans was the writing on the wall and there was publicity at all the available avenues. Once Chandrababu Naidu assumed office, every assurance was erased.
“In the assembly itself, when the question of farmers’ suicides was raised, he denied it to avoid ex-gratia. This is the reason why I am here and to assure you that we will raise our voice at every flaw of the Government and force it to come to terms. He can only deceive people once but he cannot continue it forever. The next time, even if elections are held at this moment, TDP will be routed by the ire of the people,” he said.

"Chandrababu Naidu has been staking false claim of completing the Handri Neeva project though he did not release adequate funds while he was chief minister for nine years. It was only after YSR coming to power the project went at a brisk pace,” he said.
The aim of this Yatra is to show to Chandrababu Naidu and the world the plight of farmers and women, the way they feel they are cheated and to mount pressure on the State to come to terms with the promises, he said.

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