Pallavi School Student Not Kidnapped; Taken By Another School Staff By Mistake

Janahitha(5) is a student of Pallavi School at Bachupally - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The 5-year-old Janahitha of Pallavi School in Bachupally, who was suspected to have been kidnapped by an unidentified woman from Bachupally, was in fact taken by another school staff believing her to be their student. The mistaken identity by the school staff who took her in an i-20 car created panic in the area on Wednesday morning.

Despite strict orders to use buses with certain standards for the transportation of students, private schools in the city are still using other vehicles. The other school which picked Janahitha, when she was waiting with her mother for the bus on the road, realized its mistake only after the news of the child’s kidnap was flashed on TV and online.

They handed over the child to her parents and the kidnap story came to a happy end.

Janahitha is a student at Pallavi School in the area and was brought by her mother to the main road to send her to school in the school bus. A woman driving an i-20 car came to them and asked the girl's mother to send her to school in her vehicle. The woman told the child's mother the car belonged to Pallavi school and the bus was not coming due to repairs.

Even as Janahitha's mother was hesitating and resisting her efforts to get the into the car, she almost grabbed the girl and fled from the spot. There was another girl sitting in the car.

As the school bus came minutes after the incident, the girl's mother realized that she was kidnapped and alerted the police who launched a search operation immediately.

Several incidents of school girls going missing were reported in Nizampet and Bachupally areas in the recent past and Janahitha's kidnap created a panic among people in the neighborhood.

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It may be recalled that two girls went missing in the Bachupally police limits last Monday. The parents of Durgadevi and Yamini - both 15-year-olds - filed a missing complaint as the girls did not return home after going to school on the first day of reopening of the schools.

The parents of the Class X student Poornima Sai are a worried lot with the police achieving no progress in finding the whereabouts of the girl even after two weeks.

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