Notorious Rowdy Sheeter Hacked to Death by Fellow Gang Members

Rowdy sheeter Waheed. - Sakshi Post

Sangareddy: A noted rowdy sheeter, Waheed (40), was brutally axed to death at a farm house in Zaheerabad late on Sunday night, by suspected acquintances.

The deceased was a resident of Sanathnagar in Hyderabad and was involved in settlement cases. He had been to prison on several occasions and had also built a small gang consisting of “like-minded” people. One of the gang members, Feroz, developed a grudge against Waheed allegedly because his mother lost the GHMC elections from Allahpuram division. Feroz believed that Waheed was the cause of his mother losing the elections. Also, Feroz had started his own gang and started settlement business which was said to be “prospering”. The release of Waheed from prison could pose a problem to business, Feroz is believed to have said on several occasions. Taking another gang member, Rahim, into confidence, Feroz hatched a plan to eliminate Waheed.

Waheed was invited to a farm house, where he was intoxicated with alcohol and then hacked to death.

He invited Waheed for dinner at a farm house in Zaheerabad. On Sunday night, Waheed and his henchmen, arrived at the said location. Feroz and Rahim got all the henchmen drunk and when they were in a semi-consicous state hacked Waheed to death. Seeing Waheed killed all his followers managed to escape to Hyderabad.

Police are now on the lookout for Feroz, Rahim and also the Bidar-based farm house owner. Waheed is survived by wife, two boys and two girls.

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