Pallavi Prashanth Creates A New Record

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Pallavi Prashanth entered the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house in the common man category. Rathika, Damini, Shivaji, Amardeep, Shobha Shetty, among others, are serial actors and they have got a glamour background also.

When it comes to Pallavi Prashanth, he is just a common man without any background or support. She is participating in the show to lift the trophy. Will Pallavi Prashanth survive for a long time in the house? 

On Monday, there was a nomination process in Bigg Boss house. Amardeep, Shivaji and Rithika nominated Pallavi Prashanth citing their own reasons. Along with Pallavi Prashanth, Amardeep, Sivaji, Rathika, Gautham Krishna and Prince Yawar have been nominated for this week's elimination.

Guess what? Pallavi Prashanth is leading with the majority of votes in unofficial polls. So far, Pallavi Prashanth got 47 percent of votes from the show buffs. Here's the tweet for more info. Take a look at it: 

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