BBT5: Deepthi Sunaina To Meet Shanmukh On Saturday

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 contestants are enjoying their journey to the fullest extent as this week they will have a reunion with their family members. The Bigg Boss has given the housemates the 'Chuk Chuk' task and planned the meeting, which is similar to the earlier season's meet. 

In Bigg Boss Telugu 5, the family members get to meet the housemates in person, but in BBT4, the contestants met their loved ones through a glass door in between. In yesterday's episode, Kajal's husband and daughter arrived and spent time with her. 

It is expected that Sreerama Chandra's sister, the mother of Siri, Sunny, and Maanas, will appear in this episode. As per the latest buzz, Ravi's wife and daughter, and Priyanka's sister, will be on the show on Friday. 

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss viewers are eager to witness who will come to the Bigg Boss Telugu house to meet Shannu. As per our sources, it is Shanmukh's mother who enters the house, as the Bigg Boss makers restricted the meet to only family members. 

However, there is a piece of good news for the audience about Deepthi Sunaina's entry to the house. She may not enter the house, but she will be on the Bigg Boss sets along with Nagarjuna during the weekend episode. 

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