Astrology Tips: What Color Dresses to Wear on Which Day For Good Luck And Money

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Each day of the week is different. If you dress correctly for the occasion, good fortune will come your way. Let's see what you should wear on any given day.

Astrology: Astrology is a unique science. It covers a wide range of customs and procedures. These guidelines are based on the appropriate attire and colour for each particular day. People in Thailand and Cambodia wear these colours and follow these guidelines. As astrologers say, if you dress in a different colour each day, your luck will align.

Sunday: Sunday is the day of the sun god, according to Hindu mythology. The Sun God loves the colour red. So, on Sunday, don't forget to wear red. Women can wear any red coloured dress, while men can wear red pants.

Monday: Lord Shiva is worshipped on the first day of the week. Devotees worship Shiva with white flowers on this day. As a result, on Monday, one should dress in white robes, which symbolise devotion to the Lord. Monday is also known as Moon Day. As a result, dresses in white, yellow, silver, light grey, or blue can be worn.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, Lady Anjani's son, Lord Anjaneya Swamy or Hanuman, is worshipped. On this day, red is the finest colour to wear. According to scholars, individuals who wear red dresses have their money difficulties solved and can fix any problems quickly.

Wednesday: Wednesday is Gautama Buddha's favourite day. The Buddha was a big fan of nature. In nature, the colour green has a huge significance. So, on Wednesday, dress in green colour.

Thursday: Thursday is Lord Vishnu's favourite day, according to Hindu mythology. Yellow and orange are his favourite colours. Everything will be okay if you wear this coloured dress on Thursday.

Friday: Adi Mahashakti Durga Devi's favourite day is Friday. You will receive the grace of the goddess if you wear blue or white clothing on this day.

Saturday: Saturday is the week's last day. Saturn's favourite day of the week. Wear black, grey, indigo, or purple colour dresses on this day, according to experts.

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