Noel Sean and Divi Get Noticed Along With Gangavva On Bigg Boss

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First week of Bigg Boss Season 4 did not catch the attention of audiences as much as the makers have wished it would. Previous seasons had contestants that could instantly spring up interest. 

But this time, people might have to get used to the contestants and really decide on whom to follow. Throughout the week, young boys loved to talk about "Dhetadi" Harika and Divi, also became their favorite. 

Divi took center stage recently during an argument and she found great support from male audience followers. We can say so, by looking at the social media interactions of the audiences about the show. 

Female audiences did not find any of the male contestants much attractive. Amma Rajasekhar and Surya Kiran got trolled for their Tamil slang Telugu. Surya Kiran did not really attract many with his arguments but he could be saved from elimination for longer period as his behavior would bring more entertainment. 

Singer Noel Sean attracted heavy trolls for his speech during stamping nominations and many said that not everyone can be Kaushal Manda. The most entertaining member of the group goes to Gangavva. If she keeps at it like this, she will win the Bigg Boss title, hands down. 

None of the others got much noticed even though some decided to quarrel for everything and get attention on them for most part of the week. Now, we have to see how Nagarjuna will summarize their actions during the weekend episodes. 

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