I'm Not A Villain In Mangalavaaram: Payal Rajput

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'Mangalavaaram' is all set to hit the screens on November 17, directed by Ajay Bhupathi of 'RX 100' fame. Payal Rajput plays an author-backed role in the film, which also features Ajmal Amir, Nandita Swetha, Sritej, Ajay Ghosh, and Shravan Reddy. The pan-Indian release will be in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam.

In an exclusive interview, Payal discusses her character and the film's highlights, expressing gratitude to producers Swathi Reddy Gunupati and Suresh Varma M of Mudhra Media Works. The rustic thriller is also produced by Ajay Bhupathi on A Creative Works. Below are the excerpts from Payal's interview.

This film follows 'RX 100' as your immediate next project with director Ajay Bhupathi. How did this collaboration come about?

I did express my interest in working with him and sought a chance. He assured me that he would cast me if a substantial character emerged. He emphasized his inability to cast me in minor roles, recognizing my potential and talent. This movie is anticipated to be a turning point in my Telugu film career, marking a strong comeback. I am excited and nervous about 'Mangalavaaram' since it ventures into uncharted territory with its unique character and storyline.

Can you shed light on your character? Is it a negative role?

No, my character, Shailu, is not a villain. After watching the movie, viewers will feel sympathy for her. The film explores multiple emotions and delves into a sensitive topic.

What were your initial thoughts when the script was narrated to you?

The character is very authentic. While I've portrayed intense, dark roles before, this one is unique. After hearing the story, I called my mother and shared my excitement about working with Ajay Bhupathi again, the director who introduced me to Telugu cinema with 'RX 100'.

How would you describe your character?

It's an immensely challenging role, significantly different from my real self. Shailu is a character that demands complete immersion. I refrained from preconceived notions and trusted my director, even conducting research to understand the character's emotional journey.

You were selected from a pool of 35-40 girls who auditioned for the role. How does that feel?

I learned about the auditions and proactively reached out to the director, expressing my eagerness to collaborate. Trust in his directorial sense was a key factor for me.

Your real-life style contrasts with Shailu's village appearance. How challenging was it to embody the character?

The transformation took two hours daily for hair and makeup. Moreover, it took considerable time to detach from Shailu's emotional journey after each shoot. I remained in the character's mindset for about 15 days, seeking solace with my mother during that period.

Can you shed light on the relationship between your character and Nandita Shweta's character?

Nandita Shweta portrays a police officer, and her role holds surprising elements, adding depth to the narrative.

This film, led by a female producer, is female-oriented. How comfortable was the experience?

I felt very comfortable. Swathi Reddy was deeply involved, and both she and Suresh Varma took meticulous care of every aspect. The film boasts excellent music by Ajaneesh Loknath of 'Kantara' fame and features a team of highly skilled technicians. 'Mangalavaaram' promises a story and characters unseen on the Indian silver screen.

When can we expect to see you collaborate with Kartikeya again?

That decision lies with him (laughs). I look forward to reuniting with him, and once the right story materializes, we will team up again.

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