Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Host Nagarjuna Is Going To Fulfill Gangavva's Dream

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It is for the first time, Telugu Bigg Boss show organizers have given a chance to a senior citizen to participate in the show. As you all know, she is none other than Gangavva. During the initial stages of the show, everyone was happy to see her on the show. From the past few days, Gangavva is feeling homesick. She wasn’t eating well and unable to sleep in the house. A few days ago, she fell sick and requested Bigg Boss to let her leave the house. But, they haven’t sent her home and the reasons are best known to them.

In last night's episode, Nagarjuna announced on the stage that Gangavva is leaving the house due to health issues. Bigg Boss also gave her permission to leave the house. The first and foremost reason why Gangavva decided to participate in the show is that she can construct a good house in her village with the remuneration from the Bigg Boss show. She was in the house for five weeks and left the show voluntarily. The housemates got emotional when she was leaving the house but they were happy at least she will stay healthy at her home.

Nagarjuna assured Gangavva that he will construct a good house for her. He said that, "We are here to support you. After constructing the house, you can easily lock it. Don’t worry. We will fulfill your dream." The show is being watched by some crores and Nagarjuna promised in front of them that he will gift Gangavva a new house. So, very soon Gangavva will be having a new house.

If you are looking forward to tonight's episode then we have exciting news in our store. Sujatha will be evicted from the show in tonight's episode.  Don’t forget to watch this space for more updates.

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