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Youth sensation Vijay Deverakonda's brother Anand Deverakonda who has acted in two films -Dorasani and Middle-Class Melodies has shown a penchant for acting in off-beat films, unlike his brother. In fact, Anand Deverakonda can be termed as the Gen Z actor who is inspiring his co-stars in selecting versatile roles which are also entertaining. Now, with his third film, Anand Deverakonda is coming to woo us all with the comedy caper -Pushpaka Vimanam.

Pushpaka Vimanam's hilarious trailer and Vijay Deverakonda's special promotions for the film have created quite a hype among the audience. Just two days left for the film to hit the big screens, Anand Deverakonda is not leaving any stone unturned to promote the film.

As part of Pushpaka Vimanam promotions, Anand Deverakonda shared a few interesting aspects about the film in a brief conversation with Sakshi Post.

How did you and director Damodara's collaboration happen?

 Actually, Damodar is a very good friend of my brother (Vijay Deverakonda). He had plans of doing a film with my brother for a long time. Sadly, Vijay Deverakonda(my brother) got huge success with Pelli Chopulu and Arjun Reddy. Thereafter they couldn't work together. Later, Damodar got in touch with us through my father with the script of Pushpaka Vimanam and we thought of producing it. We approached many actors for Pushpaka Vimanam. Most of them rejected it and later, I got to play the role. After the look test was conducted I was in the project. So, that's how our journey began with Pushpaka Vimanam.

How did you arrive at the title Pushpaka Vimanam for the film?

We had lots of discussions related to the titles and many ideas were thrown in. But we felt that Pushpaka Vimanam was apt for the movie and people could relate to it. We also met the Singeetam Srinivas sir the director of the 1987 film Pushpaka Vimanam and took his permission for the title.

Tell us more about your character in the film?

To sum it up, the character I play is that of loser! He is a simple school teacher who has a fantasy dream of a wedding and a happy life with his wife and kids. His dream falls apart after his wife elopes the very next day of the marriage. The film revolves around how I manage the situation about the missing wife and the comedy that is generated out of this situation. My frustration levels will surely make the audience ROFL!

Do you ask your brother (Vijay Deverakonda) suggestions while selecting films?

No, he is not part of my story selections or the choice of films. I go by my instinct. I check the technical qualities and do a thorough background check of the director's work. In the end, I think about whether I will be able to suit the role or not and then take the decision.

What were your thoughts as you waited for Pushpaka Vimanam’s release?

To be honest, I was really confused and nervous during both the lockdowns. I was scared whether Puskpaka Vimanam would release or not. Luckily, the wait ended and we are happy as the film is releasing in theatres. Pushpaka Vimanam is meant for theatrical release and the audience will enjoy this comedy-thriller on the big screen. The new concept of Pushpaka Vimanam will surely make the audience fall in love with the film.

So what's your take on marriage?

I believe in the institution of marriage and it is a must for everyone. Marriage will be successful only if people choose to sail together on equal terms and without any differences, he stated before signing off.

By: Sarah Justin

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