Amigos is Not An Experimental Film, Says Kalyan Ram

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After the smash success of Bimbisara, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is returning to the silver screen with Amigos. He is coming to entertain all of us with Amigos on February 10, 2023. During the part of Amigos promotions, Kalyan Ram shared about few interesting points about him and the film.

How did Amigos happen with Mythri Movie Makers?

I have been planning to do a film with Mythri Movie Makers for a long time. During the process, I sent one script to them to listen to. Probably, they didn't like it. They have sent Amigo's script to him, they said just listen to the story, and if you like will make the movie. Rajendra was associated with Mythri Movie Makers before the script came to me. I really liked playing triple roles and the concept of Amgios.

Rajendra Reddy wasn't a successful director, what made you pick the film?

Firstly, the story and concept of the film as I said earlier. In Amigos, there will be only one hero, there will be no villain, the hero himself will be the villain, what he wants, how they meet and the elements happening between the characters is so intriguing and interesting, some points pushed my gut to say 'yes' to the film.

Tell us about the title justification.

Earlier, we thought to name the character as a title but selecting one character or giving importance to a particular character doesn't make sense. What is doppelgangers. When I heard the story for the first time, I seriously don't know the meaning of it. I honestly didn't like Dobblegangers as the title of the film. Later, Rajendra came up with a suggestion that people are widely using the hashtag Amigo on social media. At that moment I felt it will be an apt title for the film. I strongly feel titles play a key role and the titles should be relevant to the film.

Seems like Amigos is an experimental film.

Amigos is an experimental film to all. For me, 118 was an experimental film, the rest of my films are commercial films.

What's the toughest job for actors in recent times?

Finding the right script is really a blessing at this time.

Which character do you like most in Amigos?

I liked the villain character so much in Amigos because I never played that kind of villainous character, that character will surely scare that's nice to play the character.

Any new films signed after the success of Bimbisara?

I signed Bimbisara, Amgios, and Devil all were signed before Bimbisara. I haven't signed any new films yet but I will be putting conscious effort into doing the films. I examined what went wrong in my films, what mistakes I did, and my mindset. Post covid, I have decided to do a set of films.

How does Balakrishna's song add in Amigos during the scripting stage?

Actually, we were looking out for a song in the second half as there is a situation. Nowadays, the audience are getting pissed off due to songs between the story narration. The second half of Amigos is in a good flow, the addition of a song in Amigos will shock you all.

Tell us about transformation.

For me, the making process was tough for me in shifting different characters or delivering the dialogue. It is really hard to shift new characters that was the hardest for me to do, I'm glad, I pulled it off well.

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