Warangal: KCR Renames Two Telangana Districts On Public Demand

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Telangana state government on July 12 issued a preliminary notification to change the names of two districts. On Thursday, orders have been issued by the state government stating that the names of Warangal Urban and Warangal Rural districts have been changed into Hanamkonda and Warangal districts respectively. The revenue department also made necessary changes to this effect. The government issued GO No. 74 and ordered to print the Gazette.

In 2016, the joint Warangal was divided into five districts as part of the Telangana District (Formation) Act. After that, the Mulugu district was formed. The government received requests to change the names of the Warangal Urban and Warangal Rural districts as well as the scope of the new zones and divisions. Telangana Chief Minister KCR on July 12 issued orders to this effect.

Now, the proposed Hanamkonda consits of Hanamkonda and Parkal Revenue Divisions, Warangal will comprise Narsampet and Warangal Revenue Divisions. The proposed Hanamkonda district will have 12 mandals – Hanamkonda, Khazipet, lnavolu, Hasanparthy, Velair, Dharmasagar, Elkathurthy, Bheemadevarapalli, Parkal, Kamalapur, Nadikuda, and Damera.

The citizens of both the districts have submitted a total of 133 objections and suggestions about the reorganization/renaming of the Warangal Urban and Warangal Rural districts. While 41 suggestions/objections were from Warangal Rural district’s people, 92 suggestions/objections were from the people of Warangal Urban district.

An order from the state government reads, "Under sub-section (5) of section 3 of the Telangana District (Formation) Act, 1974 (Act No.7 of 1974), notice is hereby given to all the concerned, that the Government in the interest of better administration and development of the areas concerned proposes to form of new Districts, Revenue Divisions and Mandals in the present District of Warangal Urban and Warangal Rural Districts in the State of Telangana."

The government has given 30 days for the people of two districts to express their objections/suggestions on the government's proposal to change the names of districts, as well as changing mandals.

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