TS Inter Second Year Exams Next Month?

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In June, the government of Telangana plans to hold inter-second year exams.

Telangana: Alert for Telangana Inter students. If the corona crisis in the state is under control, the final board exams could be conducted by next month. Read on to know the full details.

If the corona crisis is resolved, the Telangana government intends to hold the Inter Exams in the state by the end of next month. Sandeep Sultania, the state education secretary, disclosed this during a meeting with union ministers yesterday.

The Telangana government has announced that the Class 10 exams have been canceled due to the Corona impact. The government declared at the time that the second-year exams would be postponed, after promoting inter-first-year students to the next class without exams.

The government, on the other hand, has announced that in the first week of June, it will conduct a review and decide on the conduct of the second-year intermediate exams. As a result of numerous reports released by news outlets, students and parents are concerned.

If the corona cases decline, the government plans to conduct inter-second year exams by the end of June next month. If this is not feasible, it seems that the government is working on other options.

Telangana Education Secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultania made the announcement yesterday during a meeting with state education ministers and officials.

In the event that the inter-examinations cannot be held, he seems to have stated that he plans to release second-year students' results based on the students' first-year scores.

On June 1, however, state education officials will conduct a review of the situation. The key decision on inter-examinations will be taken after all of the problems related to the corona conditions in the state and the conduct of the exams have been addressed.

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