Telangana Intermediate First Year Exams Soon

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TS Inter Exams: Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Inter examinations had been cancelled this year. For first-year students, the examinations were cancelled, and they were given a 35 per cent score instead. Students in the second year were passed based on their first-year grades.

Meanwhile, some Intermediate students are hesitant to receive the 35 per cent of their score that has been assigned to them. Exams are likely to be conducted for such students by the Department of Education. Arrangements are reportedly being made to this effect; it is learnt. The state administration has already received proposals.

To avoid putting students under further stress as a result of the lockdown, the Department of Education wants to reduce exam durations. Previously, the duration was three hours, but apparently, the board is planning to cut it to an hour and a half. Officials from the Department of Education, on the other hand, intend to conduct first-year examinations for second-year students next month.

The question papers are also being prepared to make the exams easier, in addition to reducing the exam duration. Those who have previously paid the fees have the chance to attend. Those who have not paid the exam fee will be required to pay it and then attend the examination. A formal announcement is expected in a day or two.

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