Sharmila Sends KCR Shoes to Join Her Padayatra

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YSR Telangana Party president YS Sharmila said that 'Padayatra was a penance which not everybody could do.' 

Speaking to the media at her residence in Lotus Pond on Thursday, she said that the government is resuming its Prajaprasthanam padayatra from she left off in Warangal district.

She also said that she won't be able to meet the governor as she was resuming the padayatra. She also said that she generally would not criticize anybody for the heck of it, but would certainly question people if they did not keep their promises. 

She also went on to add that KCR had betrayed the people of Telangana. About 16 lakh farmers have turned into defaulters due to KCR, alleged the YSRTP president. She dared KCR to join her padayatra if he believed in his 'good governance'.

She urged him to come on a padayatra and prove that people had no problems in his rule. She said that if KCR proves that people were happy in his rgime, then she was willing to quit politics and go home. 

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Sharmila also demanded that KCR resign from his post and make a Dalit as the Chief Minister of Telangana. She also said she was sending shoes to KCR for the padayatra. "It's not about flying around in private jets wearing a hat. What matters is worry about the people who voted them to power," she remarked.

YSRTP president Sharmila said that KCR's regime should  end as he failed to full his election promises. She resumed her Prajaprasthanam padayatra at 4.30 pm on Thursday evening from where she stopped two months ago at Shankaranthanda, Chennaraopet mandal of Warangal district.

Sharmila's walkathon reached Nekkonda from Suripelli cross road. Two months ago, she was arrested and taken to Hyderabad by the police citing law and order problems. She demanded that KCR tell the people on whom he spent the debt of Rs.4 lakh crores.

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